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happy snow-free weekend, everyone!
(last winter pix of this season. i promise. and i hope.)


memory space.
spent a lot of time there.
read books.
met friends.


There you have some more snow covered landscape at night.

Gute Nacht.


… and the other night …


[the view from my parents house in the middle of the night. imagine: no sound at all. quite irritating when you’re used to the sound of NYC and Brooklyn 24/7.]

And this is the main post office of my hometown. Everything that was built after this one is just crap (as you can see on the opposite side of the street - the glorious ’90s …).

This building in my hometown is indeed called “Bügeleisen”- which means: Flatiron. There there!


(or: 1989?)

Future Speed

[One end of a new tunnel, part of an ongoing high-speed train track construction project near my hometown in Germany. The landscape was changed quite drastically for this thing and it’s yet to be seen when it’ll ever be completed … ]

Hochwasser 2/2 [Snow Melt Flooding | spring 2011]

Hochwasser 1/2 [Snow Melt Flooding | spring 2011]